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Artist Statement

“Painting is my connection to the mystery. When I show up to the canvas, I am aware of a profound creative energy over which I have little control, but through which I am continually humbled and amazed as I let go and ‘trust the process’. I feel that I am co-creating with a force greater than myself.

My work could be described as a mirror to a deep inner reality, as well as a reflection of the expansive universal. The deeper within we go, the more we find our vast, innate oneness. My daily meditation practice and love of nature and color informs my process.

I paint in vibrant color mostly using acrylics, either on stretched canvas or on board. Working layer upon layer, I allow the images and symbols to emerge organically and shift as they develop. It often feels like I’m receiving the image rather than creating it—like a midwife bringing new life into the world.

My intention is that the work will speak to the viewer on a profound, soul
level—stirring curiosity and instilling joy.”

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The Bauer BuildingStudio location: The Bauer Building, 115 W 18th St., Studio 201, Kansas City, MO 64108 (map)
Phone: 816-805-2097
Email: jenny (at)

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